Insurance Verification

Perform accurate insurance verification and make informed decisions on patient admissions
Insurance VerificationInsurance Verification
Insurance verification is the initial and crucial step for getting the claims accepted for reimbursements. Whether or not the claims are accepted on the first submission depends on how well the verification process has been done. Because health insurance verification is tedious and time-consuming. A simple error in the process can get the claim rejected, resulting in the denial of reimbursements as well as an interruption in cash flow.
KGiS offers an in-depth insurance eligibility verification service that enables pre-authorization for valuable medical services.
Insurance companies make policy changes and updates to healthcare plans. Therefore it is so important for a healthcare provider to verify if the patient is covered under a relevant plan to get the maximum reimbursement.
We take a proactive approach to ensuring a consistent cash flow for the healthcare providers. If there are any discrepancies, our team of insurance verification specialists will contact insurers to rectify the issues and perform online verification so that hospitals have the patients’ insurance coverage details before they arrive for treatment.

Denials reduced by 15%

Time taken to submit claims is reduced to 24 hours

95% insurances verified before appointment

Revenue increases by 20%

Level 1 Verification

A basic insurance eligibility verification process that focuses on coverage details of the patients as well as the co-pays and deductibles applicable.

Level 2 Verification

An in-depth verification process that involves gathering code-specific eligibility details with annual max or lifetime limits and authorizations, when required.


Receiving the patient’s schedule

Verifying insurance coverage

Contacting the patient (if required)

Document in EHR


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Insurance Verification

US optometry and vision care company effectively completes verification of 95% of insurances before appointment and shortens time taken to submit claims

Insurance Verification

KGiS uses business process improvement capability to setup and effectively manage clearing house for a leading biometric testing and wellness company

Insurance Verification

Health screenings and wellness company reduces denials, realizes 84% of unpaid claims using KGiS’s RCM and analytics solutions

Insurance Verification

KGiS enables US physician practice setup and effectively manage centralized appointment scheduling operations

Insurance Verification

KGiS streamlines appointment scheduling for American dermatology practice using IVR and web based call tracking software

Insurance Verification

KGiS improves payment cycle and the AP process for American assisted living and long term care facilities

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