Healthcare providers need a robust framework to efficiently manage their revenue cycle
Efficiently managing the revenue cycle has been a long-time challenge for healthcare organizations. From handling patient admissions to billing to successful reimbursements, complexities in the processes hinder them from offering high-quality patient care. Today, healthcare providers need answers to various questions like how they’d update with the constantly changing reimbursement policies, how they determine an effective metric system to gauge their service, and how will they adapt to the advancements in the industry. KGiS provides exclusive healthcare back-office services for hospitals to increase their operational efficiencies and meet their business goals.
We take a holistic approach to streamlining hospitals’ revenue cycle rather than just addressing the areas of issues. Our healthcare back-office services optimize their processes and help them organize the data, and monitor quality, cost, and compliant metrics. We leverage the power of technology to handle various areas like appointment scheduling, document management, leave management, claims and billing, and compliance. With us as a BPCM partner, healthcare providers can respond to the regulatory changes, reduce operational costs, and improve their bottom line while delivering high-quality patient care.

50% increased patient visits

20% increased checkouts

12% reduction in no show rate

1.5 Minutes – average waiting time

11% increased appointment scheduling

40% reduced operational costs


BPCM Services for Healthcare

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

A multi-channel answering service for scheduling appointments aligned with the availability of doctors, locations, and diagnoses.
Healthcare Insurance Verification - KG Invicta Services

Insurance Verification

An in-depth insurance eligibility verification service that facilitates pre-authorization for crucial medical services.
Medical Coding and Billing KG Invicta Services

Medical Coding & Billing

A set of accurate and efficient medical coding and billing services that ensures accurate terminology-to-code transitions and timely billing.
KG Invicta Services Accounts Receivables

Accounts Receivables

A financial service based on a robust Accounts Receivables Management Framework that helps healthcare providers appeal, manage, and collect revenue.
Accounts Payable Processing

Accounts Payable

A set of accurate accounts payable services that help healthcare providers ensure their debt is properly managed and their dues are paid at the right time without delays.
Patient Engagement

Patient Surveys

A set of responsive services for patient counseling survey based on our customized framework: KGiS Patient Engagement Program.
Clinical documentation review

Clinical Documentation Improvement

A set of professional services involving examination and review of the medical records and ensuring their accuracy and completeness.
Healthcare Finance Consulting Services

Healthcare Finance Consulting

Professional consulting services to help healthcare providers manage the key areas of their financial health including income generation, and managing internal expenses, among others.
Healthcare Audit

Audit Services

A systematic assessment of how well a healthcare provider is performing. Several factors are audited including the quality of care, hospital policies, revenue cycle management, etc.
HR and Talent services

HR & Talent Services

Scale your business growth by leveraging the power of human potential.

Driven by purpose, not by numbers.

20 years of stable industry presence

Abundant skilled workforce ready to be deployed

State-of-the-art Infrastructure and Technologies

Ready-to-occupy, plug-and-play infrastructure at lower set-up costs

Professional and qualified workforce

24×7 Consistent service during business hours and after-hours

Seamless services from near-shore and offshore locations

Enhanced security tools, policies, and facilities for data security

Average engagement time with clients is 7 years


Finding it difficult to manage your healthcare processes? We can help you.